Ultimate Air Soccer


In order to get into the game development on the iOS platform, I have developed a practice game. The game is a combination of air hockey and billiards.

It pits two teams against each other. Each team consists of three equal players. The aim of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. If a team reaches 3 points, this team win. The game is turn-based.

For each player, the direction and speed can be adjusted by drawing an arrow. Finally, a simulation will be started for all players.

The appeal of the game is to predict the opponenĀ“s speed and direction and to take a countermeasure.

The game has a multiplayer mode with a score system. The single player mode is rather intended to practice. The computer opponent is not particularly intelligent.

The aim of the development is, as already written, to get familiar with the iOS platform. Particular into Objective C and the Sprite Kit framework. The graphics and sounds are kept simple . This keeps development costs low and the user interface simple.

The game idea is based on Cookie Craft. This game was released in 2005. Since I love Cookie Craft and Sprite Kit already has an integrated physics engine, I see the game as an ideal game to practice.

Before I started with the development, I found some similar games in the AppStore.

One game is Soctics Pocket Football (iTunes). The gameplay is exactly the same. The game has more complex graphics and better background sounds. In case of contact with several players the ball moves hardly predictable over the field. I often shoot random goals. But all in all a good game. If you know how much effort I put even in my very simple game, I have great respect for the developers.

Also, a similar game is Slide Soccer. In contrast to Ultimate Air Soccer only one player can be dragged each turn. This is an interesting variant. However, like in Soctics, its mostly luck to score. In my opinion the gameplay is better than Soctics. It has some interesting details.